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Palazzo Esedra and Prestige Hotels:
the perfect choice for a perfect event

Its location inside Mostra d’Oltremare exhibition centre, the beauty of the historic building and the experienced Prestige Hotels staff make of Palazzo Esedra the ideal venue to organize successful events. The magnificent Affreschi ballroom, embellished with the impressive frescos signed by Emilio Notte and Franco Girosi, is a unique setting for business meetings, private receptions as well as official functions. The peaceful peristyle, with its neat design and colorful majolica tiled impluvium, is directly connected to the ballroom amplifying its splendor and versatility.


Hotel Palazzo Esedra

Piazza Giorgio Ascarelli, 50
80125 Napoli

Ph +39 081 2421111
fax +39 081 5938781


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